Jim Gaudet and The Railroad Boys -Hillbilly Rock & Roll in Our Own Backyard By: Jim Barrett

Written by on December 15, 2021


One of America’s finest singer/songwriters has been right here in our backyard for as long as I can remember. I’m talking about Jim Gaudet.

Jim writes amazing tunes and has put together a killer live band, The Railroad Boys. Their latest effort, When It Rains, is a rich tapestry of traditional folk, bluegrass, and a modern spin on rockabilly.


Gaudet is, as always, in fine form vocally. The group harmonies are spot on. You need to see these guys live to get the full picture.

Hopefully this album will get national label notice.

In addition, national artists would be wise to cover some of these gems.

Highlights – the whole album thing fits like a glove. You decide for yourself. I pretty much like them all!

For info go to www.jimgaudet.com

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