The Stream Keeps MOOving -By: Cora Fredette

Written by on January 8, 2022

During the pandemic, we were all stuck at home with limited entertainment.  Adults and older generations clung to streaming movies and television.  However, the term streaming is more than movies and shows – it merely means broadcasting live to an audience. So, while you were watching Netflix and Hulu, the younger generations were joining online communities centered around video games, reaching hundreds of thousands of live viewers around the world.

The host of the video (aka the “Streamer”) broadcasts content in the form of their game play. Basically, the Streamer allows you to tune in and watch them play video games.  The most popular recently was centered around Minecraft which allows the player to create a fantasy world from blocks.  The Steamers create a community for their fans where they can chat, participate in group discussions or even just lurk.

I have a few Streamers I enjoy, one of my favorites is FGMoo who is better known as Moo.  She is one of the few successful female gamer Streamers.  Moo is a 17-year-old content creator who primarily creates on the Minecraft platform and has begun to grow her following.

On a whim, I reached out and asked for an interview. I was thrilled to get a response.  

RRX: What got you into content creation?

FGMoo: Watching my brother do it before he joined the dream SMP and helping him out with videos inspired me a lot. Once I got on Twitter and would interact with my community, I just wanted a way to talk to them more. I was nervous about streaming but one of my best friends helped push me to do it and I’ll always be thankful because I don’t think I’ve ever been happier with something. 

RRX: What’s your favorite part of streaming?

FGMoo: My favorite part is definitely talking with everyone in chat and when people say I make their day better or how watching my streams helps them. I love getting to play games with chat and have inside jokes with them. My community is definitely my favorite part of streaming. 

RRX: What’s your least favorite part of streaming?

FGMoo: My least favorite part about streaming is probably getting my headaches. I’ve had a concussion for about three years now and my constant headaches are a huge issue because I either have to stop streaming or cancel streams and it just really breaks my heart because I never want to disappoint or let down my viewers. 

RRX: Who’s your biggest inspiration? And why?

FGMoo: My biggest inspiration is my brother, watching him go from streaming for one or two viewers to now 17 thousand people watching it’s absolutely insane. I love his attitude when it comes to streaming and seeing how his energy makes people happy. 

RRX: What’s a passion of yours outside of content creation?

FGMoo: I don’t know if you would count this as something besides content creating but helping small streamers platforms grow. Since content creation is more for myself and my own thing, I feel like it’s different. I made my own SMP and invited some friends but mainly smaller streamers on it to help them get followers, and some have already hit milestones and have reached affiliate since joining. My brother helped me grow a lot in the beginning and I want to be able to give back and help other streamers. I’ll definitely be trying more things with helping them grow in the future or just give a little push.  

RRX: Do you have any advice for people trying to become an influencer?

FGMoo: I mean I wouldn’t consider myself an influencer, but I think, do what makes you happy and do it for yourself not because you think it’ll get you views or followers. Also don’t compare your numbers to a friend or someone, that’ll just drag you down and make what you’re doing less enjoyable if it’s just a competition. 

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