Psychic Ann Fisher “In My Own Special Way” By: Liam Sweeny

Written by on February 3, 2022

At the boundaries of empirical science lies the larger universe, which has been described by groundbreaking physicists and a crapshoot of probability. If you believe this, then you have to take into account that anything has some probability, which means that anything has possibility. Long way of saying that the paranormal is not so para- if you think about it.

Ann Fisher is a nationally renowned psychic and medium. And the cool thing is, she’s one of ours. She shows people their past lives and helps the police find the enders of current lives. And we are glad to have her.

I reach out to Ann and we discuss the best clubs beyond the Pearlies.

RRX: You’ve been on the show Psychic Detectives a number of times and have helped the police solve homicides. You’ve also done readings and past-life regressions. So, you’ve run the gamut, so to speak, between seeking justice for a person and helping them find comfort. Or is it all comfort? Do you differentiate, and if so, how?

AEF:  When I found I had this psychic ability I was so glad I was able to help others solve problems in their lives and give them hope for the future. When I do a reading, I combine astrology and my clairvoyant ability by feeling their emotions and seeing their aura. It makes me feel that I’m helping mankind in my own special way.

RRX: You, of course, have had your abilities your whole life, but nothing big was made of it, so you didn’t have capital ‘P’ psychic as a part of you growing up. But you did have little ‘p’ psychic going on. Was it difficult in school? Did your abilities give you an edge with other kids, or did it separate you from them?

AEF:  As a child I felt like I had some special connection to the psychic world. I had an especially strong connection with the departed and can remember being drawn to the local cemetery in my childhood hometown, where I would take my cousins with me on picnics. We would sit on my grandmother’s tombstone and talk to her. We kept these sessions a secret among ourselves.

Still, I led a normal childhood and school life. When I got to college I majored in psychology because the connection of the mind to the outside world interested me very much. But I didn’t fully recognize my full psychic abilities until I was a bit older.  

RRX: Psychic phenomena, and the supernatural in general, is not believed by everybody. I can imagine that some people come to you and maybe try to ‘trick’ you because they just don’t believe in it. Rotten thing that that is, it’s a barrier, I imagine, to what you do. Is there something non-believers can get from you?

AEF:  Some people naturally resist the idea that there could be a psychic dimension in their life. Their fear of the unknown keeps them from seeking my guidance. The people who come to me are generally people who have accepted their psychic side and want to more fully explore it with me. 

RRX: Past life regressions are fascinating. And again, this is something that is controversial depending on peoples’ belief systems, but we’re pretty open minded in these parts. Common thing about past lives is that everyone believes they were Caesar or Genghis Kahn or something, but what do you see more of?

AEF:   People who seek a past life regression with me have almost always had some deja-vu experience in their lives which indicated to them that they had another lifetime dimension.  They feel they have been in a place before and knew someone before their current lifetime. They don’t think they are Caesar or Genghis Khan, but they know that they have a connection to a past life and ordinary people from that life.

RRX: Most people probably aren’t coming to you for a parlor trick; most people want to hear about someone, or from someone. And you are also a medium, so that about fits the picture. Since, and I’m guessing here, most people want to hear from a loved one, is there a common type of communication that you get back from the other side?

AEF:  Most people want to know about loved ones who have gone before. They want to know that their loved ones are in a good place in the spirit world.  They want a message of hope and comfort from the other side that can help carry them forward in this life. And they want to be reassured that for the spirit there is no death, only a passage into another dimension. 

RRX: My mother has gone to you a few times, and once since my father died. She gets depressed because, a little bit of a psychic herself, she doesn’t feel him around. Does this happen to you at all, spirits that just don’t want to talk? I can’t imagine how difficult that would be to break to someone. Have you ever had to?

AEF:   When a person is deeply grieved, they can block the psychic energy around themselves, thus blocking communication with the departed. Someone like your mother would have to let go of their grief and reach out to the beyond. It can take some time, but it can be done.

RRX: This is where you answer the question I didn’t ask. Educate, enlighten, emote – the floor is yours. 

(This is always my 7th question. I realize in your case this might come out as a test. It isn’t, just whatever you want to say.)

AEF:  I believe that all people have some psychic ability whether they recognize and accept it or not.  Being psychic is a creative ability, like the gift a musician or artist is given. These gifts come to us from God.  That’s why I am a deeply religious person in addition to being psychic. I thank God for the gift, which I have made my life’s work on earth.

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