Lift Concert Series Presents: Warp Trio at Troy Savings Bank Music Hall 2/23/2022 -By: Rob Smittix

Written by on February 24, 2022

The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall is a historic venue in which I imagine is haunted by the spirits of performance’s past. This made such a great setting for Warp Trio to play their unorthodox classical and jazz stylings as the instrumentals bounced off of large ceilings and into our eardrums. This was a very intimate setting where the audience was seated on stage along with the performers. It really felt as though we were all a part of the show.

NYC’s Warp Trio ironically has 4 members. (Violinist) Josh Henderson, (Cellist) Ju-Young Lee, (Pianist) Mikael Darmanie and (Percussionist) Rick Martinez. The show began with Josh plucking and strumming the violin as if it were a ukulele accompanied by Ju-Young ‘s Cello. I didn’t count the minutes that the two played this intro but all of a sudden a new life came into fruition when Rick and Mikael joined in.

Josh’s unique violin playing adjusted the emotions of the audience and you could feel Ju-Youngs strings in your bones. Mikael’s fingers ran wild across the keys of the grand piano and Rick’s hand drumming altered the heartbeats in our chests. I totally recommend seeing Warp Trio live for any true music lover and it would totally be worth your while to pay attention to the Lift Concert series and what they are doing in the city of Troy.



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