Brand New MUSIC AWARD SHOW Coming to Albany, New York on June 17th

Written by on April 5, 2022

RadioRadioX, Xperience Monthly & Mirth Films present: The first annual Listen Up Awards! Your vote, your choice.
On June 17, 2022 Lark Hall in Albany, NY is set to host the first annual Listen up Awards starting at 7pm.
***Nominate as many bands/artists as you want***
Nominate What Artists you think should win: CLICK HERE TO VOTE!
This brand new music awards ceremony is all nominated and voted on by YOU, the fans. This laid back show has been put together to celebrate the wide array of talent that exists right here in the Capital Region. Nominate what bands and artists you want to win a Listen Up Award by clicking here! Nominate as many bands in each category as you want!
No need for a suit, wear your favorite pair of jeans and band tee-shirt, have a couple cocktails and root on fellow bands and artists all in the name of fun. There will also be multiple live musical performances throughout the night.
To keep things fair, the performers at the event can not be nominated. Winners of a Listen Up award can not be nominated the next year. This will give more chances to those that can be entered into nomination. Our presenters will not be affiliated with RadioRadioX, Xperience or Mirth Films but rather people who work alongside the music scene. The Nominees will be chosen by the people.
Our categories our as follows:
-Favorite Solo/ Duo
-Favorite solo/duo- covers
-Favorite party band
-Favorite country/ bluegrass artist
-Favorite Country cover band
-Favorite rock cover band
-Favorite Americana artist
-Favorite Rock/ pop band
-Favorite hard rock band
-Favorite Alt/Indie band
-Favorite Folk artist
-Favorite Jazz artist
-Favorite Punk/ garage band
-Favorite metal band
-Favorite jam band
-Favorite blues artist/band
-Favorite R&B/Soul/Funk artist/band
-Favorite Electronica Artist
-Favorite performing/ recording DJ
-Favorite Irish artist/ Band
-Favorite Hip-Hop Artist
-Grateful Dead cover act of the year
-Former Rocker turned blues guy or Irish artist
-Best hair and make-up
-Most likely to fall off stage
-Best dressed
-Most likely to owe the club money after a show
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