Lensmenship Speaking Through The Lens: The Sixties Show at The Cohoes Music Hall 04/09/2022 -By: Stephanie J Bartik

Written by on April 14, 2022

The Sixties Show at The Cohoes Music Hall- What a GAS!

Saturday, April 9th, was their first show since November 2021 due to, well, you know—

I was really amped to see The Sixties Show, and so were the cats with their old ladies, who packed Cohoes Music Hall; resulting in another sold out performance.
It was a full on multi media experience, dare I say psychedelic? A large screen behind the band, showed images of the ’60s; some well known, some, which only those from that generation might get. Many old commercials and bits – But it was FAR OUT! A fully immersive experience.
There was no back tracks, the music was played live, on all original to the era instruments.

The details, many would go past the usual listener, but for those keying in, you would know research was done- what instruments were used, how they were used, what the recording would have sounded like back there, as if you were in a ’60s concert.
The mix of the music, seemed hand-picked. A mix of some popular, but others, that me, as a child of the ’60s, was brought back to ideas of wow, I haven’t heard that in 20,um, 30 wait—over 50 years ago????

The band members are highly talented musicians, whom have played with some of the original greats!
I would usually put a setlist here, but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who might catch this show- I’d rather you go, be surprised and escape into a different era–yes, there was social upheaval, but the music, oh man, that music! It is definitely one of those shows you can go to, and bring your parents and children.
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The band members:

Craig O’Keefe: Co-Founder | Producer | Musical Director, Bass, Lead and Backing Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Tom Licameli: Co-Founder | Producer | Multimedia Director, Guitar, Lead and Backing Vocals, PianoJim Boggia: Guitar, Lead and Backing Vocals, Piano
Chris Parker: Drums
Peter Chiusano: Keyboards, Orchestration
John Cardone: Bass, Backing Vocals

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