Rivals, Ashland, Josh Lambert w/s/g Ethan Cutkosky at The Hollow 04/13/2022 -By: Art Fredette

Written by on April 15, 2022

I popped into Slidin Dirty in Troy on Wednesday afternoon for a visit with one of my favorite bartenders.  After the usual hellos and what are ya having, she excitedly blurted out, “The guy who plays Carl on Shameless was in last night and he is singing at The Hollow tonight!”  My response,” That is f@%king cool, I think I’ll swing down.”  And I am glad I did.

The guy from “Shameless” is actually Ethan Cutkosky and he is a super engaging, polite and all around nice guy.  Throughout the evening he gladly posed for pictures and talked with fans, never seeming anything but genuinely happy to be there.
Josh Lambert was the first act to play. Josh brought an energetic set of hip hop laced power pop and fired the crowd up.  I see big things for this guy.  Ethan jumped in with Josh for a couple of songs. The crowd went crazy. Ethan and Josh worked together and brought the house down.
Up next was Ashland. Female fronted Alt/pop from Illinois that has a bright future. Strong songs, great stage presence and powerful performance. Ashland is going to be HUGE!!!!  Addressing topics like self harm with poise and grace, while never bringing the room down. Kudos to them. Keep an eye out for this band.
Rivals , the headliner took the stage, all smiles, and brought a dark, powerful set of music with threads of metal, goth and, dare I say emo, woven into the fabric of a sound still all their own. Kalie Wolfe stalked the stage for the entire set like a lioness on the hunt and the band gave her not only room to work but the structure that comes from truly understanding each other.  I am going on record right now saying these guys are better than Evanescence.
So I went to the show for “Carl” and ended up becoming a fan of 3 great bands, seeing how the younger half lives and getting turned on by the fact the live music is NOT dead!  It is just changing and us old farts need to roll with the changes.

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