Brian Delaney (BRKN BLVD) Talks New Label/Music -Interview By: Rob Smittix 

Written by on June 3, 2022

RRX: Brian we first got acquainted when you worked for Tommy Boy Records. At the time you were my main contact at the record label for press inquiries. Tell us a little bit about your experience working for what was once “the” hip hop label to be affiliated with. If it’s not too personal what made you pursue other endeavors?

BD: I will forever be grateful for my time at Tommy Boy and for my team/family over there. Tommy Boy was the first to take a shot on me and helped me get a foot in the door and gave me the opportunity to prove myself as a viable asset. The experience and knowledge I gained over my eight years there is totally invaluable to me and it is what gave me the confidence to take the next step and launch an indie label of my own.  

To be honest, I was never really aiming to be on that side of the industry. Originally, I started as an artist/producer, but eventually, I ended up landing an internship at Tommy Boy because one of their employees (hey Anthony) came to check out one of my shows when I was performing as Monty Rock.  

I kind of started there as a video editing intern, doing lyric videos and some other menial tasks, but as time progressed, I was able to spread my wings and grow into my position as one of the main members on the team. During my time there I learned the ins and outs and did many things including but not limited to A&R, marketing, content creation, artist development and graphic design. It’s honestly still wild to me that I was able to take a short-time internship offer and turn it from a long-term career. I can’t thank the team there enough for teaching me, guiding me and allowing me to develop into the music businessman that I am today.  I really loved my time there and I am very proud of the work I was able to do with Tommy Boy. The fact of the matter is, I LOVE music – so it was incredible for me to have been working at such a legendary label and to have been in a position where I could learn from some real bad asses and help support independent artists.  

Regarding moving on, unfortunately it wasn’t by choice, but as they say, “that’s show biz baby”. The catalog ended up being sold last June and I was terminated.  While it was a bit sudden and unexpected, I tend not to dwell, and I feel that I was due for a change. I welcomed it with open arms and a smile on my face and while I miss my team and a steady paycheck, without that happening I may have never made the decision to take a shot on myself for once and launch my very own RockDafuqOut Records.  

RRX: I read somewhere that you wrote hundreds of songs for other recording artists. How was that experience?

BD: So, I haven’t really written for other artists, but you are correct that I have written hundreds of songs. Writing has been a passion and outlet for me for about the last 20 years and over that time I have written (if I had to guess) over 300 songs. While almost none of them were released commercially and they were all written for my various solo projects, I do have a pretty massive catalog of songs written. I always looked at writing more as a hobby than a business, but I think through the years I have proven to myself (and anyone else I’ve shared my songs with) that writing lyrics and melodies is probably one of my best abilities. To be honest, I still find this kind of odd, seeing as I don’t play any instruments, have a voice that is decent at best and have very little training/experience in music theory, but I love writing and I do feel that I have a way with words.

With that being said, I am finally ready to take songwriting a bit more seriously. I have recently officially launched my first-ever solo project BRKN BLVD, which I am super excited about. I feel the songs I have in the pipeline for this project are solid and without a doubt feel like the best songs I’ve ever written. I used the BRKN BLVD project to launch RockDafuqOut Records, as a way to test my partners, fine-tune my marketing strategies and get things rolling, but the feedback has been great so far and I’m planning on keeping this project going for a long time. I will be dropping a new song every six weeks while I continue to onboard other artists and build the catalog at RDFO. While I have never written for other artists, it is something that I plan on getting into and I am confident that as I grow this solo project and release these songs, that those opportunities will start presenting themselves.  

RRX: Oh okay, so my intel was incorrect. Now that we have some back story to who you are and what you’ve done in the music industry, tell us more about what’s going on with your own record label RockDafuqOut Records.

BD: I launched my indie music blog RockDafuqOut in 2015 as a passion project while I was at Tommy and I have spent tons of time and energy keeping it running and developing the brand ever since. Two days after my termination from Tommy Boy, after weighing my options, the crazy idea to start my own label popped into my head and I couldn’t shake it. I have never taken a big shot on myself and things kind of lined up for me to do just that.  With the RDFO brand already established, I decided to go all in. I gave myself six months to get the label up and running – launched the new website, secured my partners, set up the infrastructure and picked hundreds of brains. While I’ve invested quite a bit of time and money getting things off the ground, I am incredibly excited about the future and have total confidence that my team and I will (eventually) grow RockDafuqOut Records into a respected and trusted partner for artists around the world. 

RRX: I also feel honored to be one of the first to see your music video BRKN BLVD – “Over the Rainbow” (feat. CHYLD). This is your newest single if I’m not mistaken. This is a feel-good song, almost like a pick yourself up and get back in the swing of things type message. Maybe I’m off track but that’s my take. Tell us about this song and the video.

BD: “Over the Rainbow ” is the first BRKN BLVD single and was released 0001 on the label, but we have a lot more coming! You’ve kind of nailed the vibe for sure. For whatever reason, nearly every song I write tends to be confusingly uplifting and completely kind of depressing. I guess it’s my soul, but it is what it is. I’ve been through a lot (as we all have) and recognize that a lot of our time on earth tends to be stressful/sad/painful, but I feel it’s important to always keep your head up, push ahead and smile as much as possible.  We only have so much energy, so even on our darkest days I think it’s important to keep the light shining. Keep the glass half full and things will be alright.

RRX: So, what’s next?

BD: Having just launched the label the plan is to spend the next decade or so grinding and making sure I don’t have to work for anyone else ever again. I will be focused on building the brand and catalog and doing whatever I can to continue to support the indie music community and indie artists. If you’re looking for me, I will either be with my amazing son doing dad things or locked in front of my computer, chasing my dreams, blasting music and smiling for no good reason. 

RRX: Thank you so much for speaking with me today. Let our audience know how they can find you online. 

BD: Check out the website so you can subscribe, submit, and support. Otherwise, you can catch me on IG on the blog/label page @rockdafuqout, my artist page @brknblvdofficial or my personal page @iamgetset. 

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