Recap: DakhaBrakha and Korinya at Music Haven 8/4/2022 -By: Rob Smittix

Written by on August 5, 2022

Many were worried about the weather, which was understandable because we had record setting high temperatures and then a thunder storm. This did not keep people from attending Music Haven in Schenectady for this much anticipated show! Prior to the event social media was blowing up with the question, is it cancelled? Music Haven’s response was “we are in the park rain or shine, tonight. If Ukrainians can be resilient through the war, then we can handle a little bit of heat and a potentially cooling shower.”

I could hear Korinya playing in the distance as I approached the concert site, that’s because I had to park further away than I expected because after all, the people showed up! The storm had passed and all we had to deal with now was a light and refreshing drizzle. I very much enjoyed the Ukrainian Folk Band Korinya as they set the soundtrack to my wanderings. Unlike the brave masses I didn’t sit down because well… I didn’t want a wet bottom.

What would a Ukrainian music event be without perogies? At home I make them with a buttery garlic sauce and smother them in sauteed onions but when I’m out I tend to order them with sour cream. They ran out of sour cream so I did what any logical person would do and covered my perogies in hot sauce. It was very hot but delicious. I roamed around checking out the booths and seeing what people were up to. The crowd displayed their blue and yellow in support of Ukraine during these trying times.

The City of Schenectady was very proud and honored to have DakhaBrakha return and they made that abundantly clear during the intermission before the band took to their instruments. I have been a fan of DakhaBrakha for years and I was very eager to see them perform. It was great, I knew practically every song that they played and despite the language barrier I still sung along, poorly but I couldn’t resist. I am just so impressed with DakhaBrakha’s musicianship and the ambient sounds that they create together. Bravo!

After the show was over, it still wasn’t over. An emotional candle light vigil took place with prayer and song. You’ll see it in the pictures but if you were there, you felt it. I know I’m a big tough guy and all but I’m man enough to admit it brought tears to my eyes. So I’ll leave you with this: PEACE TO UKRAINE, PEACE TO THE WORLD and may everyone find LOVE in their hearts. Humanity is not too much to hope for. #StandwithUkraine

Additional Photos By: Tim Reidy


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