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Andy Shernoff is a founding member of the pioneering New York rock band The Dictators, a band in which he wrote nearly all the songs. Over the years he has lent his skills to numerous other iconic bands. We reached out to Andy for an interview and he kindly responded. RRX: I have had the […]


We have a strange relationship with darkness. We get a kick out of zombies and mummies on Halloween, but we fear flesh-eating diseases and terminal illnesses. We run from dark things, and turn to face them, and explore them, when they’re trapped in the cellulite of film, or infused in the fibers of paper pulp […]


Fall is herre, and as you descend upon the pumpkin spice, apple cider, and hot chocolate, cozy up to the October Digital Edition of Xperience, the art, music, and culture publication of the Capital Region. This month features Supernatural actor Jim Beaver, Dictators’ frontman and founder Andy Shernoff, and Nickpotamus, Rustic Overtones frontman Dave Gutter, […]

Some actors are known for just one thing. Other actors have been in so many things, they’re just known. And some actors, to each of us, occupy that middle ground, in that you see them everywhere, but they’ll always be that one role to you. If you watch TV and movies, you know Jim Beaver. […]

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