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Skillet – the successful Grammy-nominated hard rock band currently on tour pushing their upcoming record “Dominion” – somehow balances the required amount of rock and roll hubris, promotion, imaging, and messaging with their faith. That’s as good of a reason as any to go check them out.  The band made Empire Live (Albany) rumble happily […]

RRX: The Velmas have gotten a lot of accolades in our region, including “Best Alternative Band” and “Best Rock Band” by Metroland. You have your own acolytes, the “Velmites.” Considering how hard it is for any band to make it these days, I think props are in order. So, ordered. And I’ll ask; what’s the […]

The city of Watervliet at the Arsenal City Tavern was the site of the 4th Annual Oktoberfest Sat afternoon into evening as “Dealt The Blues” played a marathon show for almost 4 hours! Randy Staats (vocals and harmonica) and the boys Joe Hirts (lead guitars),Frank LaFalce (bass)and Rocky Petrocelli (percussion) jammed after a 15 month […]

(Left-Right: Ed Weisgerber, Dan Barrachia, Joe Giambra) Shred Flintstone are the energetic three-piece made up of front man Dan Barrachia, bassist and fellow vocalist Ed Weisgerber and drummer Joe Giambra. The outfit has toured extensively in the U.S. and Canada showing off an explosive and dynamic sound to basement shows as well as established venues […]

Drums are very guttural to the human experience. You could say that it is something that was one of the first elements of music, even from hunter-gatherer days. Throughout history, warring armies were at a disadvantage if they didn’t have a drummer. But even more than that, life itself has a beat; the heart itself. […]

Driven. That’s Mark Emanatian. Since March 2020, when the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, he has built a coalition that has organized mass food distributions feeding over 250,000 people in our area.  He plays in a few bands, among them Soul Sky and The Lawn Sausages. He does a lot, some of which we know, and much […]

RRX: You all are from Greenwich or the surrounding areas, and my apologies if there are any commuters. Greenwich, that whole area, has a certain feel to it. I spent some time there, enough to say that I’ve seen the Tractor Parade. I was one of maybe a thousand, which surprised me. What’s the music […]

Photo Credit -Kaitlyn Gradie You may know him as the front man from Rustic Overtones, you may know him from Paranoid Social Club, you may have seen him perform with his band Armies or perhaps even laying down his hip hop stylings with Beards. But you haven’t heard Dave Gutter solo, until now! His solo […]

RRX: Nickopotamus has a pretty diverse sound. So it’s something to let people know, because they may only hear one of your songs, and not really get a full sense of your sound. If people could only hear one song, which one do you recommend and why? AF: Wow, that’s a really hard question! I’ve […]

How are you? Two quick notes before the topic at hand. One, MAJOR thanks to those who made it out to celebrate Broadcast Legend Jim Barrett. Second, and I’m VERY late in doing so (thanks Fredette, or COVID, not sure which is more deadly). Last summer, I had a heart attack and a bypass. I’m […]

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