Blue October

The Broken View – an Xperience Interview – Rob Smittix We’re here in the studio with a couple of the members of The Broken View, if you want to just go ahead and introduce yourselves and tell em what you do in the band. TH: I’m Tyler Hayes, I play drums and I also produce, […]

Photos by: Art Fredette

JF: How are you doing buddy? RRX: I’m doing great, thank you for taking the time to talk to me here today, we’re very excited about you coming to town on November 23rd at The Egg in Albany. JF: Super excited too. I just love New York, whatever part of New York it is. It’s […]

Blue October is one of the country’s biggest cult bands and is known for it’s distinctive guitar sound.  I recently had the honor of posing a few questions to Will Knaak their guitar player and he was generous enough to answer.   Will is more than just the guitarist for Blue, he is also an […]

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