The love of music is universal. The joy of happening upon a killer bass riff is the joy of a flawless execution of a passage by DeBussey. They both make you feel, they both give you a rush. But this is on the musicians’ end. The music lover, the music listener, may simply be moved […]

Joe Lovano and Ralph Lalama. I’d like to pose a question to you, the reader? If presented the opportunity to see Eric Clapton and Joe Bonamassa or John Coltrane and Dexter Gordon or Jeff Beck and Stevie Ray Vaughan in a one time only performance, on the same stage, at a club in the capital […]

Welcome to The Heights. A new monthly forum that attempts to demystify the culture, history and characteristics existing within the American art form known as jazz. I’m Joe Barna. I will be presenting interviews, topics pertaining to the music, and introducing those who may be unfamiliar with the idiom to the beautiful qualities inherent within […]

RRX: Well, it’s nice to finally talk to the man behind the jazz scene. JB: I would say I’m the man in front of the jazz scene. RRX: That’s a better way to put it, yeah. JB: I think everybody knows, the cat’s out of the bag. RRX: It is and you are really bringing […]

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