Johnny Morse

Johnny Morse has been a staple in the 518 local music scene for decades. Here’s a guy with more guitars than God and a wardrobe closet fit for a king but Johnny has decided to call it quits as far as we can tell after this weekend’s concert. The event is being held at the […]

RRX: You’re putting on a Low Dough Show at the Cohoes Music Hall on September 11th, with Mike and the Monsters, Johnny Rabb’s Big Band, and the Tichy Boys. That’s quite a lineup. What can a concert goer expect when they get there? JM: Well, it is the twenty-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. It’s […]

It’s Monday, so of course it’s been a long day. We know what you need, and that’s good tunes and good friends in a relaxed atmosphere… or an intergalactic mothership, you decide… so here’s the latest exciting episode of Monday Night Music Madness, hosted by Johnny Morse, produced by Joel Canonico, and featuring Jason Bittner, […]

Somewhere in a castle on a mystical island (or Cohoes, something like that,) there exists a council of the region’s greatest musical talent, and with merriment and ease (and maybe a little of yon potent elixir,) they regale us with tales of rock and roll in the 518 and beyond. Radioradiox is proud to sponsor, […]

When we talk about music, we talk about genres, and grooves, and what story it tells, and what feeling it imparts. It’s as if we can somehow separate it from the people that perform it. That’s a relatively new way of thinking about it, as new as phonographs, anyway. For most of human existence, the […]

Johnny Morse is a rocker’s rocker. There isn’t a bar or roadhouse in the Capital Region he hasn’t been kicked out of (or wish he had.) A fiery left-hand and the charm of an alley cat, Johnny mixes the vibes of Stevie Ray and Tom Waits, with a little overdrive and a lot of moxie. […]

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