Local Rocker (Johnny Morse) Gives Back -By: Liam Sweeny

Written by on August 4, 2021

RRX: You’re putting on a Low Dough Show at the Cohoes Music Hall on September 11th, with Mike and the Monsters, Johnny Rabb’s Big Band, and the Tichy Boys. That’s quite a lineup. What can a concert goer expect when they get there?

JM: Well, it is the twenty-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. It’s been a very crazy year for us all. I am just glad to see the world opening up again and live music coming back. I wanted to put together a show with some great local musician friends and commemorate Americans staying strong through it all. I put together a great low dough show for my hometown. I am stoked to play this historic venue and I hope people will come support it. We are donating part of the proceeds to The Cohoes Firemen’s Donation fund, which goes to help those in need. I think it’s the least we can do to share music, have people come out and enjoy it in a beautiful theater for a good cause. There is something for everyone at this show, from the great Johnny Rabb and the Tichy Boys, to my old friend Mike and The Monsters crushing some 80’s rock and metal to whatever it is I do. It is sure to be a Rocking Low Dough Rock and Roll show and I would really love to see all my friends come support this one as it means a lot to me.

RRX: 9/11 is a date etched in our memory as a day when we learned tragedy. Is this show in remembrance? If so, is there anything besides the lineup that people should know about it?

JM: I guess I would say the thing people should know is how powerful music can be and how if we come together we really can make a difference through music. I also have my mate Johnny Clifford coming to do some Tom Petty songs with me. If that’s not American, what is? Who doesn’t like Tom Petty? Another great loss. It is a reminder to never forget.

RRX: We’ve seen a resurgence of the music scene this year. This is one of a number of bigger shows that’s on the calendar. With money always in tight supply, what’s unique about the Low Dough Show?

JM: Well what’s unique is that I put this show together, and I know times are tight for everyone and the floodgates are open now, but you will never see three local bands of this caliber for thirteen bucks in advance, especially at a venue like the Cohoes Music Hall, hence the Low Dough Rock and Roll Show. I just wanna give back a bit through music and give the people a good show for their buck. So, I ask everyone to come support and let’s rock the Cohoes Music Hall.
For those looking for tickets, call the box office now and reserve this one, may sell out. Don’t sleep on this. I wanna thank all my friends for all the support over the years and to Liam and Artie for all they do for local music.

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