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Saxo Claus – A Special Xperience Interview – by Liam Sweeny. When bells jingle and eyes twinkle in the holiday season of the Capital Region, we may be privy to hot chocolate and holly sprigs, fresh snowfall and ‘Seasons Greetings’ signs done up in elaborate typefaces. But if our special privy is happening on the […]

The final Wake Up Wednesday hosted Family Tree outside of Ryan’s Wake on Wednesday, June 21st, with guests including Jeff Prescott, Luke McNamee, Burt Pagano, Rhoseway, Joe Mele and more. Photography by Timothy Reidy.

Off the Record played at the Ale House on Sunday. Special guests were Luke McNamee and Tommy Love. Photography by Timothy Reidy.

Photography By: Tim Reidy

Music is performance. It’s feeling and meaning. All true. Some people get up on stage determined to put on a show. Others get on stage to tap into that thing that’s greater than us all and wrestle its voice. They play because they love playing and would play in a dark room if there was […]

Sax-O-Claus and Josh the Elf came to Nanola Sunday night to present their latest “present” to friends, family, and special guests; “Mrs. Claus”. Yes, Mrs. Claus (played by Kimberly Slater) was present handing out winter and holiday face masks to guests entering the heated tent. It is she, who inspires Sax-O-Claus to be the best […]

On Saturday, Feb. 29th, we held Rock & Remember, a show/send-off for Robert “Pops” Sweeny, one of our own, who we lost in December. People from all the worlds with which his life intersected were in attendance, and it was a warm, and definitely rocking event. Off the Record performed, followed by The Chris Busone […]

We had a great time on Saturday at our “Rock & Remember” event, where we said goodbye to a friend and colleague, Robert “Pops” Sweeny. Off The Record and The Chris Busone Band killed it all day and into the night, and Johnny Rabb, Luke McNamee and Tommy Love lent their talents to bring a […]

Happy Birthday to Troy’s own patriotic hero, Samuel Wilson, also known throughout the world as “Uncle Sam”. Wilson was born on September 13, 1766 and passed away on July 31, 1854. Residents can visit his burial site at Oakwood Cemetery in Troy or check out a pavilion on top of Prospect Park with information about […]

An abridged version of this article appeared in the June 2019 Issue of Xperience Monthly. “Things always come in threes.” It has been a saying that my mother would tell me whenever any event, both good and bad, would occur. Although some may deem it a superstition, others might believe that saying to be true. […]

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