In keeping up with the tradition of us not telling you first, but telling you better, yesterday, the corner of Ludlow and Rivington on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, was renamed “Beastie Boy Square. If you didn’t know, Ludlow and Rivington was the block featured on the album “Paul’s Boutique.” The city has a […]

New York City. The Big Apple that never sleeps. But if you get bored with all that awake-time, you might just find yourself engaging in the newest form of NY tourism; NY rat tours. Yes. Rat tourism. Apparently there are rat enthusiasts in the world, and as most New Yorkers know, there are enough rats […]

Bozzy Boz (Terry Nut) Interview. RRX: We met by accident at The Run Rabbit Run (Pink Floyd Tribute) show at The Linda, which was pretty impressive. I was outside prior to meeting you and I met Summer, who I found out later was with you. BB: We’re basically husband and wife, we’ve been together 26 […]

Since 1976, THE FLESHTONES have been blending R&R and R&B, serving it across the globe with smiles, attitude, sweat and calling it SUPER ROCK! The band has recently released a new recording “Face of The Screaming Werewolf”. I figured this would be a good time to talk with Peter Zaremba the legendary frontman of the […]

Some people are just interesting. It isn’t their clothes or their hair, but those things are interesting because why wouldn’t they be? These people are just interesting. Their presence at a thing is what makes it a “thing.” And if you get a chance to see what makes them tick, you might want to wind […]

The Fleshtones have been rocking the music scene since 1976. I recently had the good fortune of asking Ken Fox a few questions. Ken has been holding down the bass position with the band for almost 30 years and is, in my opinion, half of one of the greatest rhythm sections in rock and roll. […]

Sometimes you just want a good old-fashioned hard-driving garage rock band to get the liquor flowing, the tongues wagging and the boogey pumping through the floor with the high-hat hiss and the bass thumps. Blackcat Elliot is just such a band. With Gus on Guitar and Vocals, Marky Balboa on drums and Fast Eddie on […]

Any musician who’s gotten past the lottery dreams of fast cars and decadent hotel rooms knows the story of the rock trio Super 400. It’s one of cigarette haze, dimmed lights and pick up sessions, trying to find the right fit and the right sound, and of course, hand-blistering jam sessions in nondescript groove stations […]

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