Pat Metheny

Pat Metheny is a musician that musicians want to have on speed dial. Acclaimed, versatile, and with a career spanning five decades, Metheny redefines genres like it’s his job. It kind of is. I reached out to Pat, and below is the ol’ razzle dazzle. RRX: As of this writing, you’re launching into a U.S. […]

Pat Metheny at Troy Music Hall. On a lovely fall evening, it seemed appropriate to hit the wayback machine.  Things have changed over the 30 plus years since last I’d seen Pat Metheny.  We’ve all gotten older, perhaps put on a couple pounds and gone grey.  All these things can likely be said about Pat.  […]

Extraordinary. Exceptional. Enthralling. Pat Metheny’s compositions, arrangements and guitar work dazzled a rapt audience at the Troy Saving Bank Music Hall for his latest solo tour. This was a show where you could hear a pin drop, and it was clear the fans were ready to relish Metheny’s technical wizardry translated to a range of […]

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