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Vibes and No Fun – PapaSweenBean’s Friday Night – by Liam Sweeny. I like chronicling my Friday nights for a number of reasons. I used to be a bit of a recluse. I was that guy who promised my friends I’d go to their show and stare down the long hallway to the front door […]

Anacortez – An Xperience Interview – by Seth Casale I sat down with Mike and Jessie from Anacortez and talked music and recording, including a sneak preview of their most ambitious original song yet. Spoiler alert—it’s great! RRX: OK, thanks for joining me today, guys. So, Anacortez, where did that name come from? ANA: I […]

Sketches Of Influence at Alias Coffee Roasters By Seth Casale. Walking into Alias coffee, welcomed by the warm smell of roasted coffee, 2 thoughts enter one’s mind.  The first being obviously this place smells amazing.  Secondly the place seems very small, as the retail entry way is tight with a small café area to your […]

Matty D – an Xperience Interview with Seth Casale. Watching any of Matty D’s many projects, one might think he is a true rock star in every sense down to the seemingly destructive way he uses his voice.  Getting to know him a bit better, you find that he possesses a remarkable ability to recover […]

Shannon Roy – an Interview with Seth Casale. I sat down for a few minutes with Shannon Roy. Once described as “Stevie Nicks’ tough cousin” Shannon is a musician, and open mic host, an actress, a soldier deployed in the Army to Iraq, and Afghanistan as a civilian contractor, and a victim of a tragic […]

They call him Seth, an interview with Seth Biskind.    By Seth Casale It is not every day that I can sit down with a fellow Seth, but I was able to catch up with this talented multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter to talk about some of his influences, and his new album with Yort set to drop […]

Photographer Amy Klemme was on scene at the Radioradiox 5th Year Anniversary Party at the Hangar on the Hudson, Sunday, August 6th. Here are her stories.  

I spent some time with The Dojo Beyond Space and Time’s proprietor Aidan Hennessey. What I found– beyond a visionary, driven young man–was really how local music and art can be a strong thread helping to bind communities. Whether through visual or performance art, comedy, or music, Aidan has applied an inexhaustible motivation to his […]

People attend open mic evenings for myriad reasons, be it networking with other musicians, workshopping new material, overcoming the fear and anxiety of performing, or simply to listen to local artists in a highly personal environment.  No matter what your rationale might be, Thursday night open mic at Rustic Barn should fit the bill.  The […]

Steve Hammond Interview. Watching Ice Queen’s singer and guitarist on his knees soloing over the heavy beat of the father-and-son rhythm section of the thrash band could certainly confound, if you were only familiar with Steve Hammond from his honky-tonk band The A.M.’s or had spoken to the erstwhile quiet musician. Here possessed of a […]

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