Son of a Gun

Over 20 years ago in a Collar City far, far away from where it is today a group of local merchants banded together to host the first River Street Fest. The Late Dana Rudolf spearheaded the effort with help from Jim Barrett, Robin McDonough and many others. Over the years, the festival has ebbed and […]

River Street Festival returns to Downtown Troy on June 11th 2023! Callanan Industries presents the music for this year’s festivities. This year we (RadioRadioX) are happy to announce the bands and musicians that will be entertaining the crowds. There will be two stages of LIVE music hosted by RadioRadioX DJ’s. Stage One will include music […]

Photography By: Tim Reidy

While shoppers were spending time dining and checking out the massive LEGO sculptures that were featured in Crossgates Mall on a Saturday evening, music patrons spent their time listening to original music from five local bands inside Lucky Strike’s Jupiter Hall. This was all in part of a CD release party that Turbine Sunrise was […]

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