Photo by Raeanne Wright Music is entertainment. It is also telepathy. It is the sharing of experience that defies words, even when words accompany the rhythms and melodies. We share experiences because we realize that what we go through can be beautiful and ugly and either way it can inspire more than just us. I […]

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“How many meals does a six-hour marathon of “Louie Louie” provide? More than 12,000! Thanks to all of the guest musicians who made this fun fundraiser possible!” –Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York On March 27th, The Lawn Sausages, RadioRadioX, Xperience Monthly and Mirth Films put on The Louie Louie Marathon at the Wynantskill […]

Bailey Bennett is the exceedingly kind, humble and eloquent mastermind behind several mostly unnamed solo experimental noise projects. On top of using twisted tape loops to create churning, stunning walls of texture with which to accompany himself; Bennett also lives in and operates an intimate basement venue in New Paltz alongside several similarly talented roommates. […]

We’re opening up, and at Xperience, we’re nothing but eager to pitch in! This June, we’re giving you Sly Fox and the Hustlers, Rich Millz, Kristen Capolino, Fenway Organist Josh Kantor, the Proctor Collaborative’s Jim Murphy, Lily, and last but certainly not least, our Local Music Guide! Xperience June 2021 Issue – Digital Edition

Spring is in the air of the newsroom, and as the wind blows our articles two and fro, we’ve bound them together for your digital enjoyment. Interviews with performers Kaitee Page and So Brown, and Metroland founder Peter Iselin. Xperience March 2021 – Digital Edition Xperience March 2021 – Digital Edition

Welcome back my friends to the column that never ends. (Sorry, been listening to some ELP lately) I don’t know about you, but I am SO ready for 2021! 2020 has been such a s**t show, at times you think you had enough, then WHAM, bend over and take so more. At times, when I […]

I was raised in Loudonville, NY and am an alumna of Russell Sage College and Hudson Valley Community College. I’m a former osteopathic medical student who returned to the passion of my youth, my art and my music, when health issues forced my withdrawal from medical school. I’m an avid composer of Contemporary/New Age piano […]

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