Gringo Starr And His All-Star Band 8PM 11/6/21 @ The Hangar On The Hudson -Ed Conway Gets To The Bottom of Who is Gringo Starr?

Written by on November 1, 2021

Gringo Starr And His All-Star Band 8PM 11/6/21 @ The Hangar On The Hudson

Who is Gringo Starr? He’s none other than Chris Sprague, recent transplant to the Capital District. Originally from the Los Angeles Area, he quickly made a reputation as a fine musician as one half of the Sprague Brothers, with his brother Frank. He has played with a who’s who of LA and California bands, including tours with Deke Dickerson and Big Sandy. Aside from the Sprague Brothers, he formed several bands on his own, most notably, The Outta Sites, who’ve played locally at the Ale House. He may be best known, however, as the beat keeper for Los Straitjackets. Most recently, touring with Nick Lowe, as part of the collaboration between LSJ and Lowe that has now spanned several years. I recently sat down with Chris and asked him a couple of questions.

Ed: First of all, how did you get the Gringo Starr monicker?

Gringo: Every time I’d go into Starbucks on tour with Los Straitjackets, you order your drink and they
would ask what your name is, and I’d always say Ringo, as a joke. So we’re in London and Eddie and I
went into Starbucks and they asked for my name, I said Ringo. Next thing, I get my cup at it said Gringo.
So I look at Eddie and say I finally got my Straitjackets name. It turned into Gringo Starr since Ringo is
my favorite drummer. Got the Mexican name for Los Straitjackets. It all worked out. So throwing this
band together for the last couple of shows I did, including this one coming up. It is an all-star band; all
local heroes. So Gringo Starr’s All-Star Band as a play off Gringo Starr.

Ed: So, who makes up the All-Stars?

Gringo: Well, featuring the band we’ve got Graham Tichy. We got Donald Young. We got Jake
Guralnik, Doug Wygel, Ian Carlton and myself. It will be a great night of Rock n Roll and a great Rock n
Roll dance party.

Ed: And I hear you are having a DJ.

Gringo: We do, we have DJ Sandra Lee, who’ll be spinning a bunch of great 60s records. So, be ready to

Warming up the evening will be Freek’s Garage, a wonderful band out of the Woodstock area

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