An Intimate (Sold Out) Show at Lark Hall: Puss N Boots 3/22/2022 -By: Rob Smittix

Written by on March 23, 2022

I (Rob Smittix) go to a lot of shows, it’s all in a day’s work with what I do, however I was extra excited to see Puss N Boots at Lark Hall on March 22nd. I am a fan, a big fan.!

The reason I was so stoked for this performance is because of the venue. This was my first time at Lark Hall and I was impressed. I ran into Al Kash (well known drummer) and he told me he hasn’t been inside the building for decades. It was the first time many of the people I spoke with ever entered the doors at Lark Hall and from what I gather it won’t be the last. That goes for me too.

Seeing Puss N Boots at Lark Hall made it special because it created a nice intimate setting. Sure Lark Hall would be a big venue for up and coming bands (like mine) but Puss N Boots has Norah Jones in it, who has nine Grammys and has sold over 50 Million albums according to Wikipedia. It was a treat to see a musician with all of that success on a stage in the coolest part of town rather than at an arena with tens of thousands of spectators.

But the focus was not all on Norah Jones by a long shot, because after all Sasha Dobson and Catherine Popper are insanely talented musicians. In fact Norah rarely took to the center of the stage but allowed her peers just as much spotlight if not more. The trio switched instruments several times allowing all of them to play different roles in the band, which you don’t see very often at all. It definitely made for an entertaining show.

I’m not one to do your typical show review because honestly they bore me and I’m sure they bore everyone. The drums were pounding, the guitars were wailing, that sort of thing. Listen the show was phenomenal and I highly recommend seeing Puss N Boots whenever the chance arrives again but be quick about getting tickets because they will sell out! I’ve included the set list in the picture gallery for all to see.

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