518 Hip Hop at it’s Finest -Peshy Kruger 3 Has Been Released -By: Rob Smittix

Written by on April 6, 2022

Peshy Kruger has rapidly been becoming a major player in the Albany, New York hip hop scene. Peshy got his stripes in the the battle arena and has since emerged with his very own battle league 25 to LIFEEE. To top it all off Peshy has just recently released Peshy Kruger 3, a 16 track album to add to his catalogue.

A couple of videos for songs from Peshy Kruger 3 have already been released including: No Effort (feat. Trenchy) shot by Dizzy Dott and America’s Nightmare shot by Cinematic Cartel. Believe me when I say you’ll be seeing a lot more videos off of this album because Peshy Kruger is all about putting the visual concepts with the music.

Many featured artists are on this album including C.E.O, Benziee Bish, Eighty Gee, Saliyah Itoka, L.G, Neez, Takeover, OHZHE, Altez, Beat Behemoth, Mirk, Trenchy and Diego Coffin.

What I enjoyed about this album were the subtle 90’s vibes with a modern twist and the fact that all of the songs have their own feeling; way too much hip-hop music these days seems carbon copied and it all blends in together (not in a good way). This is not the case with the Peshy Kruger 3 album. Each and every track has it’s own life, or should I say #LIFEEE.

For more on Peshy 3 click this link, to listen and/or purchased CLICK HERE!

Track List
1. America’s Nightmare
2. Bando Bam
3. Kiss The Ring
4. 414 Second Ave
5. ICU (feat. C.E.O)
6. Without You (feat. Benziee Bish, Eighty Gee & Saliyah Itoka)
7. Make It Out (feat. L.G & Neez)
8. Underdog (feat. Eighty Gee)
9. Only Fans (feat. Freaka)
10. Nightmare Flow Pt. 2 (feat. Takeover)
11.Together (feat. OHZHE & Altez)
12. Old Head Same Song (feat. Beat Behemoth & Mirk)
13. No Effort (feat. Trenchy)
14. Beef Patty With Cheese (feat. Diego Coffin)
15. Church
16. Never Doubt My Love


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