Gordon Lightfoot Is A Legend! 04/14/2022 at Troy Savings Bank Music Hall -By: Rob Smittix

Written by on April 15, 2022

On Thursday night 4/14 at Troy Savings Bank Music Hall I had the very wonderful pleasure of experiencing Gordon Lightfoot live in concert.

Gordon Lightfoot has been an active musician for nearly 65 years and the 83 year old is still very active.  It was incredible seeing this man and his band play live, he’s a true legend. You would think that at his age he wouldn’t be attracting too many new fans but that is not the case, in fact I saw several twenty something year olds in the crowd. I also overheard a father talking to his young-adult kids about Gordon Lightfoot’s lengthy catalog of music and from what I could gather he took his family to the show to introduce them to the music for the very first time.

Don’t get me wrong by no stretch of the imagination was the audience predominantly young, there were many old-timers in the audience and I’d say most of the faces in the crowd were of the baby-boomer generation. Personally I never followed Gordon Lightfoot’s music too closely, it was always something that I’d hear listening to the oldies station but I always turned it up. I was actually surprised that I knew so many of his songs. With that being said, when I got home from the show I couldn’t resist listening to his music until I fell asleep. What a song writer!

Gordon Lightfoot and his band played all the classics and I highly recommend seeing them live if the chance ever happens to come up again. Jeff LeBlanc opened this show and he’s one to keep a close eye on. He’s got an amazing voice with very catchy original tunes.

Lastly, I want to thank Troy Savings Bank Music Hall for being so very accommodating to all of their patrons. As I mentioned  above there were a lot of seniors there and that means there were plenty of folks with physical difficulties but the staff did their due diligence to make everyone feel comfortable and safe.



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