Recap: Rye Bread Family Day 02/11/2023 at Green Island Lanes -By Rob Smittix -Photos By: Tim Reidy

Written by on February 14, 2023

I (Rob Smittix) was super excited about the Rye Bread Family Day for a couple of reasons. For one I feel like I was a part of it because Nick Batto hired me to design the poster for the event. I have made fliers and posters for numerous events in the past but this poster was created a bit differently. I couldn’t find the art work I was looking for online, so I decided to test the waters with artificial intelligence. I typed in Grateful Dead Bowling Alley into the AI program and low and behold a tie-dye bowling alley was created. For two, it’s rare that an event with this level of entertainment and fun would be held directly across the street from my house. Having home-base just steps away was priceless.

As soon as I entered the doors at Green Island Lanes I felt the love immediately. Families were bowling, people were dancing and a rotational list of known and talented musicians took to the center makeshift performance area. Most people know me for being a punk-rocker but believe me I can get down with the jam scene and I support it. I was wearing the only Grateful Dead long sleeve T-shirt that I own and I suddenly realized that I do not have any tie-dye hanging in my closet. So I purchased the first tie-die T-shirt ever in my adult life and it was in support of a fella named Scott Guiton who is really going through it right now.

It is always nice running into so many friends in the scene and I know that everyone had a blast. Nick Batto made an announcement to the crowd at Family Day, that the Line Up for Rye Bread Music and Arts Fest 47 at Schaghticoke Fairgrounds July 27th-30th will be announced very soon! Can’t wait!

Photography By: Tim Reidy

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