Observations and Ramblings from a Cranky Old Guy – A Column by Jeff Spaulding

Written by on July 7, 2023

Observations and Ramblings from a Cranky Old Guy.

As you read the title, there may be a couple of questions you are asking:
I thought he retired.
I thought he quit.
I thought he died.
Well, one and two are partially true. As for three, that’s a pretty damn good trick if it was true, and considering Art Fredette’s Freak Show approach to life, that possibility does exist.
The fact is, I needed a little break. After 46 years in Broadcasting, I was as crispy as a Branch Davidian. The last few years were, let’s call it rough. After The Great Heart Bypass of 2020, the Health Gods kept knocking on my door saying call it a day asshole, you’ve ruined society enough. I wasn’t listening, and while career wise I came back stronger, my body was starting to betray me.
Without details or crying over spilled milk, or as some would say sounding bitter, my job wasn’t fun anymore. In part due to the fact that I kept having less co workers to have fun with, and those co workers weren’t being replaced. If I was to sound bitter, I’d say I didn’t want to be the last one on the Titanic. But since I don’t want to sound bitter, I won’t say that.
So, by the time this past January 27th came along, my old fat ass was ready to head to the sunset.
And then I took a break and realized I’m not ready to die just yet. I’m still “working,” but I am my own boss, so it’s okay to hate myself. I don’t have a schedule. I don’t have a deadline. My head is still in the game, as it were. I have gone back to the world of producing audiobooks. I also contribute to a non-profit organization that has an online radio station. I do so-called comedy bits with local air talent to show I can be just as annoying after all these years. Most important, I am spending more time, quality and quantity, with my wife, it’s finally our time. Financially, we’re in pretty good shape to do some things we always wanted to do, that’s why I borrowed the Kama Sutra from my local library.
Above all that, I am back here, with pride. You’ll continue to see my monthly offerings. Perhaps you’ll hear me on Art’s little radio station in some capacity. After all, just because I am retired doesn’t mean I lost my low resonant made for the airwaves voice. Hey, it’s a step up since they won’t let me be a Wal Mart Greeter.
Oh yeah, one last thing. Art tells me this fine institution, radio, newspaper, concerts etc. is celebrating five years. That is a tremendous honor to be associated with such a great company. If you know me, you know I don’t hand out compliments randomly. With me, I don’t have to say, “That’s a lovely beanie you’re wearing Mister Fredette”. So, believe me when I tell you this young man and his crack staff (you know who you are) continue to crank it out and crank it up. Long before this thing became a reality, Art and I discussed his plan to take over the world. I’m proud to say there are more goose steppers than five years ago, so the plan is working.
Don’t get your jockeys in an uproar over that last part, remember we’re talking about a man who has sung the words, “She’s Got a Cock.”
To quote George Costanza…I’m Back Baby!
Be hearing you.

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