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    I Put a Spell on You

    Creedence Clearwater Revival

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    Pharrell Williams

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    Machine Gun

    Band of Gypsies

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I don’t know, man. Put some cream on it. Don’t go to that crazy herb lady – she’ll have you itching and redness and all that shit. Just get cream and stay away from shady bitches.

Take that logo, and find a bottle of cream that kind of looks like that logo. And don’t go to shady graphic designers asking for logos. Good way to get an itch.

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Time is Running Out!!! Voting Ends February 29th at 11:59pm For Rock & Oddities Listen Up Awards

Time is running out to vote for your favorite Capital Region musicians to win a 2024 Listen Up Award! The voting process ends February 29th at 11:59pm CLICK HERE TO VOTE! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE TICKETS!

Reconsider Presents Stories of Transformation at The Linda Monday Feb 26th!

“This is a huge deal! We are working with Reconsider to showcase these ‘Stories of Transformation’ at The Linda on Monday, February 26th as part of our advocacy campaign this year! Paul Stamets is even dialing in remotely! If you are local to the Capital Region and this issue is even remotely interesting to you, […]


JESSE SAMPLE’s FREAK of the WEEK is heard on EVERY WEDNESDAY at 8pm EASTERN!  This is Jesse Sample. The past 100 years of human technology have been wild, to say the least. The last 50 years have been especially nuts. Nobody that I know, or have ever heard of, has or has had a […]

Good Enough for Desmond Tutu

Good Enough for Desmond Tutu – by Liam Sweeny. Death is a difficult thing. Not so much for the dead, because they’re dead. I am a big fan of Purgatory, which means I don’t think there are that many people in Hell. So in my rosy view, once you’re dead, you’re either at the pearly […]

Good enough for Desmond Tutu

Recap: Jay O’Donnell & Brian Lapoint at Arsenal City Tavern – 2/18/2024

By: Rob Smittix Nearly three weeks ago, I see the Flier for Jay O’Donnell & Brian Lapoint for a Sunday Brunch performance February 18th at Arsenal City Tavern in Watervliet. First off, Jay is brother, my actual brother, not just one of my friends that I call my brother, he’s blood. Secondly, Jay never tells […]

Cat’s Powerful Night of Dylan – Cat Power at Troy Music Hall – Recap By: Art Fredette

It is no secret that I am a Bob Dylan fan, hell, I named my middle kid after him. So when the opportunity to see Cat power perform a night of Bob Dylan songs at The Troy Music Hall presented itself I jumped. As the sold- out crowd shuffled in the first thing I was […]

Treasure in a Sack

A Treasure in the Sack – by Liam Sweeny. This one is about honesty, and those occasions where an extraordinary display of such honesty has real world consequences. No, it’s not that thing that you said to your aunr last Thanksgiving, but that did take guts, so, honorable mention? No, this is about a bag, […]

Treasure in a Sack


Jesse Sample’s Freak of the Week Airs at 8pm Eastern EVERY WEDNESDAY on  This is Jesse Sample. Many times when I sit down in front of the blank page for my weekly project, the first chord I play is minor. My favorite music by my favorite artists is all about dissonance. Conflict in my […]

No MSG TV: The Retrobilleze – Lobby Sessions

The Retrobilleze came through The RadioRadioX studios to play a few originals in our lobby!

Coyotes and Bare-Handed Combat

Coyotes and Bare-Handed Combat – by Liam Sweeny. Some stories, you just wish there were more of, and by that, I mean, more to it. Because the basic facts of the story were that damn good. So how about this one? A hiker, who to at least one journalist, deserved just a modicum of privacy, […]

Coyotes and Bare-Handed Combat

What’s in the Bag?

What’s in the Bag? – by Liam Sweeny. You know how in emergency rooms, they all have a story about what they had to pull out “from up there?” You figure Customs and Border Patrol probably has the same thing, right? Maybe not as glamourous as a full-sized MagLite, but still interesting. With this, though, […]

What's in the Bag?

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