Hip Hop

PNAL stops by the RadioRadioX studios to perform a few original songs in our lobby! SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel HERE!  

Freedom Stratton There’s two aspects of music, to borrow from Laurent Rejto, “above-the-line” and “below-the-line.” Above the line is the ‘kumbaya one love zero stress, it’s all music.’ Below the line is the grocery bill, the power bill, rent, and keeping up with the Joneses if one’s so inclined. And in my view, hip hop […]

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If a Mount Rushmore of Hip-Hop icons was constructed, I’d vote to have K-Solo carved out of granite. Today we are honored to be able to speak with original Hit Squad recording artist and the only East Coast rapper shown enough “California Love” to be taken in by Death Row Records. His resume speaks for […]

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