Mike Valente

You may know him from such places that used to exist such as: The Hudson Duster and Bogies. You may know him from bands that used to play the scene such as: Attica and Bruise Bros. But… Mike Valente has only aged like a fine wine, Upstate Black N Blue and his band Brick By […]

It’s Monday, so of course it’s been a long day. We know what you need, and that’s good tunes and good friends in a relaxed atmosphere… or an intergalactic mothership, you decide… so here’s the latest exciting episode of Monday Night Music Madness, hosted by Johnny Morse, produced by Joel Canonico, and featuring Jason Bittner, […]

One thing I’m learning from doing interviews is that you come up with lots of good questions that you don’t want to repeat, because every question is a fragile little gem, then you get a band that makes you dust out the best of those questions and beat them into service. Meet Brick by Brick. […]

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