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Well now. When someone says the word Prog (more formally Progressive Music/Rock) – what comes to mind?  A bunch of crazy people noodling around in some incomprehensible musical space? Perhaps Rush. Perhaps ELP. But where did this all come from? Let’s take a step back. Mozart was considered progressive and, as it was once said, […]

Odds are, if you aren’t a New York native, you’ve probably never heard of Troy. Even if you are, there’s a chance you may not have. But, if you’re anything like me (who’d never been to the East Coast at all until three years ago), when you first thought of New York, what you imagined […]

Time to geek out with some songs you’ve probably never heard. Most obscure, some were hits, all included for reasons which will be explained as we go along. Every one of them can be found easily online. You should give them a spin at least once because life is too short to listen to music […]

Photography by: Tim Reidy

No matter who you are, we all have certain “moments” in our lives. Some are expected, some unexpected. Some are happy, some considered “WTF”. All have some sort of meaning. These “moments start when you’re young and continue until you assume room temperature. If you think about it, your life creates “moments” for others, even […]

On Saturday, July 9th, the Shirt Factory in Glens Falls, once again was home to the GEM Festival – (GEM FEST) aka Glens Falls Entertainment & Music Festival. The festival is a celebration of art and music, which ran 12 hours! From 10:30 AM – 10:30 PM Attendees could stroll along the vendors area and […]

Photographer: Tim Reidy

With the help of my photographer friends Amy Modesti and Tim Reidy, I Rob Smittix am submitting this review for you. I didn’t investigate too hard prior to the show but I can tell you that many people including myself had no idea that Madison VanDenburg was going to be the opening act. I was […]

I confess I had not yet heard about the most delightfully talented and genuine Carsie Blanton and her Handsome Band until her brilliant Facebook campaign hit my computer. (Yes, I’m FB old in social media years) I was intrigued by her live video performances and her promise of solidarity and swearing! I reached out to […]

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