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Nektar Epic Tantrum Photography by Timothy Reidy.

A Night of Joni Mitchell Belle-Skinner Girl Blue Hold On Honeys Zan & The Winter Folk Cohoes Music Hall on Sat Night Photography by Timothy Reidy.  

Joe Goldberg should go to prison for the rest of his life and be forced to eat nothing but cat food. But he won’t see one bit of Fancy Feast, mainly because he’s the fictional main character in the Netflix series “You.” The long and short? He’s a stalker who murders everyone in the way […]

Some bags are synonymous with the music they play. The Stones are synonymous with Rock and Roll, B.B. King with the blues, and John Coltraine with jazz. These artists and bands are recognized as the forerunners of their genre, and when someone counts the top five on their fingers, these artists are the ones that […]

May the luck of the Irish be upon you this month, and if you have to wonder if you’re Irish, you are. This month, we have filmmaker Spencer Sherry, KISStory bassist Vinny Dawson, and drummer Denise Parent. Enjoy!   Xperience March 2023 – Digital Edition  

Talent ends at no border, blocks no abundance or absence of station, and, most importantly here, requires no long hard road of age. For only in the free application of talent could wonder be manifest in a willowy dance or a peal of self-wrought thunder or a haunting, crystalline crescendo arising from three performers with […]

At the end of the block, down the street, nestled in between the copy shop and the comic book store lies a little café, and in that café, a woman with the world in her eye passes you a vanilla chai. She’s got dreams she checks off on a spare order pad and for her, […]

It’s February and love is in the air… actually, there are a lot of things in the air, depending on the road you’re on. This month, we have a bouquet of roses for you, featuring drummer Jeff Prescott, ‘Letterkenny’ actor Tyler Johnston, and writer and music connoisseur Deke Dickerson. Xperience February 2023 – Digital Edition […]

Everyday we live and breathe free air, eat gluten free hot dogs and get triple-pump sugary abandon at our local coffee shop. And we’re able to do this with nary a thought because of the unsung work of thousands of dedicated folk. And when we sit down to watch our favorite movie, we might be […]

There’s something pure about a singer. The voice is the most root instrument, almost certainly the first instrument among the cave people. But a singer, especially one sitting behind a piano, brings us along on a journey down a river of club smoke and soft lights. Leslie Barkman can sing. Really. She is exactly who […]

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