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Hello Capital Land, and welcome to the second installment of “Capital Region Timekeepers”.  As a drummer from the area, it’s my pleasure to spotlight some of the exceptional drummers in the area.  This week, we’re shifting gears and will talk about jazz. Although the Capital Region has always had a vibrant jazz scene, I feel that […]

Some people in music have a curriculum vitae. A body of accomplishments that, in my case, makes it difficult for me to focus on just one thing. Also, for them as well, I imagine. And it’s difficult, when a performer has had multiple successful projects, to just hone in on one. And add to that […]

RRX: How’s everything going? JC: Everything’s good. My kids are in Rock Academy. Ever heard of that? RRX: I assume I’ve heard of similar programs. JC: Yeah, it’s like School of Rock. They’ve got a show tonight, so I was helping them with the load in. I actually teach one night a week over there. […]

While some gardeners are happy to purchase the vegetables and herbs they like to grow every year as seedlings, others prefer to start with seeds. Seeds are your only option if you want to grow things the local garden store or big box retailer isn’t likely to carry. I’ve never found pickling cucumber, green bean, […]

RRX: Brian we first got acquainted when you worked for Tommy Boy Records. At the time you were my main contact at the record label for press inquiries. Tell us a little bit about your experience working for what was once “the” hip hop label to be affiliated with. If it’s not too personal what […]

Johnny Morse has been a staple in the 518 local music scene for decades. Here’s a guy with more guitars than God and a wardrobe closet fit for a king but Johnny has decided to call it quits as far as we can tell after this weekend’s concert. The event is being held at the […]

RRX: Ajay Mathur, how are you doing? AM: I’m good thanks a lot for having me, Rob. RRX: Absolutely. Here at RadioRadioX we recently premiered one of your songs with our DJ Vito (Ciccarelli) and we’ve been giving you a lot of spins ever since. Just so the people know, can you give us some […]

Purchase tickets HERE! The Capital District Digital Listen Up Awards June 17th 7pm at Lark Hall in Albany, New York.

When you think of a DJ, you might think of turntables and scratching, record skipping and beat tracks and all kinds of bending of time and space. But DJing, in its simple reality, is providing a soundtrack for an experience. We might think that DJs play music tracks, and the good ones are talented, but […]


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