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Blue October is one of the country’s biggest cult bands and is known for it’s distinctive guitar sound.  I recently had the honor of posing a few questions to Will Knaak their guitar player and he was generous enough to answer.   Will is more than just the guitarist for Blue, he is also an […]

If a Mount Rushmore of Hip-Hop icons was constructed, I’d vote to have K-Solo carved out of granite. Today we are honored to be able to speak with original Hit Squad recording artist and the only East Coast rapper shown enough “California Love” to be taken in by Death Row Records. His resume speaks for […]

We don’t often interview someone more than once. It’s not a policy; we just have a lot of people out there doing fun things. We don’t have to talk to the same people. So, when we do, there’s a reason. And so, there is with our next guest. Mike Valente is a cornerstone of the […]

As we reach the third anniversary of Radioradiox, we celebrate with the July Issue in Style! Featuring Hip Hop artist K Solo, Blue October’s Will Knaak, Mike Valente, The Dionysus Effect, Senior Living, and Ryder Cooley. Click the pic to download the digital edition (PDF) Xperience July 2021 – Digital Edition  

(First off, a personal thanks and acknowledgement to the Editors for giving me the chance to write this.) In fact, I did NOT want to write it. I knew it was coming, but it completely wiped me out when I found out. My hope is, everyone reading this has at least one person in their […]

Nick Santos is the talented voice behind his up-and-coming project Lily, with music that’s been given as much love as the dog it shares a name with. Santos writes in to talk about his debut album Honesty Hour, the future of the scene, and what making music means to him. RRX: Tell me a bit […]

Jim Murphy is the Director of Marketing and Corporate Relations for the Proctors Collaborative.  He’s agreed to answer some questions about the arts, the past year and who knows what else.  Thanks for joining. RRX: Today, you are mostly known for your work in the not for profit world.  However, you have a career that also includes for profit media. What was it that […]

Most of the time, musicians, and music, is very people-centered. You have front people with iconic looks and four chords to their name and they become gods. But music, real music, is everywhere. It narrates our lives better than the most seasoned author. And there’s a whole world of music that we don’t realize is […]

Some musicians have so much energy and stage presence that you don’t mind if they’re not the best. And some musicians are so good that you don’t care if the just stand there on stage. But once in a while you get someone who has boundless energy and stage presence, and the absolute talent on […]

Rich Millz has been a staple in the 518 Hip Hop community for years. Today we have the chance to speak with the man directly. Ladies and gents, I bring you the money maker himself, Mr Millz. RRX: Rich Millz, I love that you use an actual name. I think of all the ridiculous rap […]

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