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A new year. Did you start your radical life transformation yet? Me neither. You can transform your mind a little bit by picking up this month’s issue. Featuring Pop Star Tiffany, Jazz  virtuoso Gary Smulyan, and an insightful read from the Hudson Valley Film Commission. Xperience January 2023 Issue – Digital Edition

Tribute bands, good ones, are like spiritual mediums. They get us to hold hands, and with some chanting (and a few tasty riffs) they get us in touch with bands by which we are separated by both time and distance. A good tribute band is a resurrectionist. Legend is, perhaps a resurrectionist….though we’re not categorically […]

Capital Region Time Keepers: Josh Bloomfield January 2023 By OP Callaghan I met Josh Bloomfield in 2011. He was playing drums in the Chris Busone Band and I happened to bump into them one night in Troy. Upon being introduced to Josh, he immediately replied “OP?  Good to meet you; I’ll bet no one ever made […]

It is the holiday season, which is composed of about twenty holidays around the world and about 1,250,544,390 holidays in the greater Milky Way. As you buy gifts to gain your family’s admiration, or if not that, their silence, pick up the December edition of Xperience, featuring musicians Joan Osborne and Ani DiFranco, and actor […]

The leaves have been turning, and in the hills some old sweet lady is churning butter that will, by month’s end, be slathered on some mashed potatoes to the tune of Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s Restaurant. On the couch, someone will be reading this month’s issue of Xperience, featuring Blue October frontman Justin Furstenfeld, Baby’s and […]

It is the scariest month of the year, and what could be scarier than the October 2022 Digital Edition of Xperience! Featuring sensation Biully Bragg, legend Bob Riley, and groundbreaker Paul Collins. Happy Halloween! Xperience October 2022 – Digital Edition  

Recently, I accomplished one of my bucket list items, a list far from complete but worth checking off. Still on that list, staying in broadcasting to age 71, making fifty years in the business, the Good Lord Willing and I don’t lose my job or die…that looks good so far. I also want one more […]

How the hell is it already September?! Somebody, please, stop the time — I’m begging.  When I was a kid, my mom and dad would host a lot of parties. It was their way of killing three birds with one stone: unwind from a stressful work week, spend time with the kids, and party with […]

Your everlasting summer has faded. Soon your complaints about humidity will be replaced by pumpkin spiced everything. Forget it, okay. You do know we live in one of the best areas of the country for live local music. I didn’t make that up. Go check. I’ll wait…see, I told you. Not just you’re typical, garden […]

There’s a universe that operates on a natural law of rhythm, of galaxies spinning on the turntable of a black hole and the intricate interplay of planets passing by, moons revolving in such a way we could set our watch to them, and in a way, we do. And on this planet, there are trenches. […]

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