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Zack Lynch Interview. I grew up on comics. X-men. Wolverine in particularly. Something about claws that could rip through anything on the arms of a rough, beer drinking, cigar smoking Canuck was comforting alongside Metallica and Megadeth. As I got older, I got into the process and realized I had no artistic superpowers. Zack Lynch […]

The Heights May 2023. Let’s Pray… NO…I’m talking about Keith Pray…Come along and learn about this beautiful man. In every community there resides a unique crop of exemplary individuals that help elevate the consciousness and enrich the culture that exists within. One such person I have continually looked towards for guidance and inspiration is none […]

Hello and welcome to Capital Region Time Keepers, a monthly offering that focuses on our local percussion community. I have truly enjoyed doing this for the last year, and have loved interviewing every one of you Time Keepers. Last month while interviewing Brian Melick, it occurred to me that prior to talking with Brian, my […]

Bryan Cirillo Interview. GLENS FALLS –  If you’ve ever heard someone declare punk rock dead, I can guarantee you that they’ve never crossed paths with Bryan Cirillo. One of the hardest working people in Glens Falls music, he performs both solo and with rising punk rock outfit Death Cult Pharmaceutical (DCP) which includes Brian Britton […]

Bozzy Boz (Terry Nut) Interview. RRX: We met by accident at The Run Rabbit Run (Pink Floyd Tribute) show at The Linda, which was pretty impressive. I was outside prior to meeting you and I met Summer, who I found out later was with you. BB: We’re basically husband and wife, we’ve been together 26 […]

Interview with R.M. Engelhardt As a creative person, it’s great to have creative friends that have, over the years, really transformed their discipline in the area. In this case, watching them take a scene adrift and shaping it into a strong and open community. R.M. Engelhardt has been a driving force in the Capital District […]

(In honor of the 2023 Eddie’s, we are flashing back to an interview with Eddie’s founder Jim Murphy that originally took place in June of 2021. It is a slice of time when the clouds began to break and hope surfaced for the arts and entertainment world. Interviewer was Liam Sweeny.) The Capital Region Thomas […]

Olivia Rodrigo kick-started her career on Disney Channel’s Bizaardvark and then went on to the Disney+ show, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, where she first showed off her songwriting skills with “All I Want”. The song conveyed a teenage girl’s struggle between two guys and her obstacles with dating. The song hit 119 […]

For most music fanatics of this paper, the world of rave and electronic dance is likely a little lost on them and their era. With its emergence comes a whole range of new and younger fanbases. Even with me being a part of that generation and realm, hearing of DJ Dr. Fresch was a first […]

Is it the heat? Is something in the water? It should be no surprise that some of our greatest rock artists have come out of the lone star state. Texas is also rich in Country and Blues. In fact, Alan Lomax spent a good amount of time, particularly in Dallas, putting together the Great American […]

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