JB!! aka Dirty Moses

JB aka Dirty Moses – A Hot Minute – interview by Liam Sweeny. We got a hold of DJ and rapper JB aka Dirty Moses, and he agreed to chat with us, and answer our probing question. Behold the following… RRX: We all get into creative pursuits for different reasons. Some people get into music […]

Friday October 27th  at The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall we celebrated 50 years of Hip Hop Music. As the program that everyone received at the theater entrance stated “In the Summer of 1973, approximately 130 miles south of Troy Savings Bank Music Hall, Clive Campbell (who would later be known as DJ Kool Herc) […]

The gathering in the round at the Next Level above The Ruck, Song City, featured JB aka Dirty Moses, Dustbowl Faeries Duo and Carolyn Shapiro. Photography by Timothy Reidy.

J.B. aka Dirty Moses performed at the Saturday Freedom Fest, which was held in The Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy due to rain and not at Freedom Square. Photography by Timothy Reidy.

We are excited to share that JB aka Dirty Moses, Soul Sky and Joe Barna & The Sketches of Influence will be performing LIVE at the 2023 Capital District Digital Listen Up Awards on March 26th at The Cohoes Music Hall in Cohoes, NY! For more information on this year’s award ceremony CLICK HERE. To […]

Photo By: Robert Cooper Jr. There are over 170,000 words in the English language. And the human mouth can make close to 800 distinct sounds. It’s nothing that we think about, but as an instrument, the mouth is more versatile than just about any other. And in the world of music, it is hip hop […]

Alive @ 5 Talib Kweli, Jennings Landing 7/7/22 Being in my 60’s, I am not what you would call a Hip Hop aficionado, but I enjoy the Hip Hop nights at Alive @ 5.  A few years ago was Big Daddy Kane, and this year featured Talib Kweli.  The rappers always bring their A game, […]


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