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The 5678s. The 5678s are coming to Troy on August 26th but here’s some not so great news, it’s a sellout. Unless you got tix, you’ll be outside lookin’ in and that’s a shame. If you think you don’t know who they are think again. If you’ve seen the movie Kill Bill, then you’ve seen […]

The Prog Digest. Be vewy, vewy quiet. We’re hunting wabbits! Where in the Sam Hill is this going? What massive rabbit hole am I getting into? Well, got to thinkin’ – more a thought came to mind. Someone once, an adult even, mentioned that they didn’t get the whole Easter Bunny thing. Why a bunny? […]

Duane Beer interview. RRX: We interviewed Blasé Debris in… actually, it was one of our first interviews, in 2018, maybe, early 2019. Blasé Debris was kickin’ then, and the foot is not sore yet. How have the half-decade between then and now treated the band, and let’s skip over a certain would-famous ‘ick’ period, shall […]

Mike Trash interview. Some sounds are iconic. I don’t use that word lightly, because the word is played out, and there aren’t enough words that give you the same feel. Iconic. Like hair metal. Like Motley Crue, WASP, Poison. The clothes, the over-the-top performances, and most importantly, the whole-hearted embrace of sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll. […]

Steve Candlen interview. The first time I met Steve Candlen, I was a relative newbie on the scene.  I had just started drumming for 1313 Mockingbird Lane and was writing for The Source.  I was on assignment writing a story on Jimmy Velvet, Steve’s band at the time.  In between sets, Steve learned that I […]

Beatin’ the Odds interview. I love southern rock. It’s a family thing, growing up getting rocked in my stroller while my dad drank beer and listened to the Allman Brothers coming out of a bar jukebox. C’mon, it was the seventies. Anyhoo, something about southern rock hits me in the heart and makes me want […]

Fuzz Kebabjian interview. When you cover the music scene in the Capital Region, you are the music scene; you become a part of it. You are the megaphone. Your lyrics are the words of every rock hopeful and metal veteran that they couldn’t squeeze into their songs. You bring a dimension to the sick shredding […]

The Heights, featured column. What is a scene, how can it be strengthened and what can you do to help? But First… Welcome back to my monthly article for Xperience. I hope you have found the first 3 installments to be informative, provocative and engaging. It’s been my esteemed pleasure having the profound opportunity to […]

Ralph Renna interview. True friendship isn’t a paved road. I think it’s a road that you pave with shared experiences, and the curves and dips and bumps are hard wrought, but give it its character. In any area, in any scene, you find people who have carved out roads well-traveled. Ralph Renna has built roads, […]

No MSG TV This week we explore the wonderful world of garbage tossing and government alien disclosures. We don’t believe that aliens are tossing garbage, but maybe that’s the whole reason they come here.    

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