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LENSMENSHIP-the art of words through photos; By Stephanie J Bartik Friday night, December 17th, Frog Alley in Schenectady, NY blew up with sounds of Funk, horns and laughter. Hitting the venue with a new line up, yet, you would never know they haven’t been playing together for years. A party band with so many genres […]

  One of America’s finest singer/songwriters has been right here in our backyard for as long as I can remember. I’m talking about Jim Gaudet. Jim writes amazing tunes and has put together a killer live band, The Railroad Boys. Their latest effort, When It Rains, is a rich tapestry of traditional folk, bluegrass, and […]

I tell you if you haven’t seen Off The Record Trio live as of yet, you’re really missing out! Watch OTR transform the room into the 1960’s. No one has moves like lead vocalist Joanna Palladino! That’s a direct quote from our very own Rob Smittix.

A long time ago Jim Barrett and I were booking bands for The Uncle Sam’s Blues Jam and we came across a band called Swamp Yankee.  Their guitar player was named Albert Cummings. We added them to the line-up and they played the Scoreboard Saloon in Lansingburgh.  Since then a lot has changed.  Albert Cummings […]

The Classical is Joe Restivo and Matt Louis, who have teamed up to create their beautifully psychedelic debut album titled Graffiti Chorus. On top of working on their music, the duo also co-operate Paintbox records, an independent label they founded alongside Brendon Snell of Senior Living. Joe and Matt wrote in the description of their […]

After a year of delays, cancellations and virtual rearrangements following the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, New York Comic Con finally returned in person this October for the first time since 2019. While many comic conventions have been held throughout the country, allowing fans to meet famous guests, go to major panels and dress up as […]

Welcome to the 39th Annual Troy Victorian Stroll Season! The annual Troy tradition kicked off Sunday, December 5, bringing with it some family fun & holiday flair. This year’s stroll is a three-day affair, with remaining stroll dates on Saturday, December 11 & December 18. If you missed attending Sunday’s festivities, go to Troy to […]

Music is performance. It’s feeling and meaning. All true. Some people get up on stage determined to put on a show. Others get on stage to tap into that thing that’s greater than us all and wrestle its voice. They play because they love playing and would play in a dark room if there was […]

TROY, NEW YORK 12/5/21 Victorian Stroll The Lustre Kings performing at the Takk House in Troy, New York. Mike Kelley keyboard/ vocals : Mark Gamsjager guitar/vocals : Chris Sprague drums/vocals : Evan Conway bass What a great crowd on hand for the Holiday festivities!

By his own admission, is a workaholic. School, sports, homework then rock band. Rinse and repeat. This classically trained percussionist is now the go to drummer for everyone who is anyone. RRX: First, thank you. Kenny KA is my victim today for an interview KA: Yeah. I am a busy man, that’s for sure. The list […]

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