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  Pure Noise Records announces a new single by State Champs called ‘Just Sound’ and a video to coincide. The music video is a Bob Ross spoof and what could be more entertaining than that? Derek Discanio (Lead vocals) says, “It feels amazing to be back, and we’re just getting started. ‘Just Sound’ is the […]

Of course Charlie Watts will undoubtedly be remembered as the percussionist for The Rolling Stones, let’s not forget how versatile his ability was. RIP

Rhythm Rug (David) is a friend of mine (Rob Smittix) and I’m so proud of how far he has come with his spiritual and musical journey. I met David in Albany, NY in 2016, we clicked immediately as we both write music and appreciate art. David has since moved to the West Coast and is […]

The Lagwagon frontman Joey Cape has just released a new solo album entitled A GOOD YEAR TO FORGET via Fat Wreck Chords. Is it Ironic or was it a perfectly orchestrated to release the album today on FRIDAY the 13th? 2020 was a tough year for all of us but for Joey Cape he had […]

Hailing from Toronto, Canada White Cowbell Oklahoma has been at it since 1999 and over the years they’ve created so much music that it hasn’t all been released. Well, until now! Textos Raros – Vol 1 – 2001-2011 features eleven rare and never-released digital tracks. Click HERE for more info on White Cowbell Oklahoma

From where I sit, many, but not all people feel the COVID crisis appears to be over (depends on who you talk to, me, I got both my shots so I feel fine), and here’s hoping your ongoing summer plans don’t take a “variant” turn and get all screwed up again. Let’s focus on the […]

I often find myself turning to music to help navigate the sea of emotions ebbing to-and-fro within me at any given time. One day as I was switching from Let’s go Crazy (Prince) to Everybody Hurts (REM), it struck me. The past year has been a musical downer, no doubt about it. The mixed emotions […]

Jeff Moore is co-owner of Peak Music Studios in Latham where he has been teaching guitar, voice and songwriting since 2017. Currently, he is knee-deep in developing two new mobile singing applications, My Singing Coach and Singers Checkup. RadioRadioX got the back story on this local business’ foray into the intersection between music and technology. […]

RRX: Who are the members of King Sized Bishop and what role do each of you play in the band? Jacob Shneiderman – Guitar + Vox Bram Silbert – Drums Ezra Hecht – Bass + Vox RRX: How did King Sized Bishop (KSB) and it’s sound come about? KSB: The founding members of King Sized […]

RRX: You’re putting on a Low Dough Show at the Cohoes Music Hall on September 11th, with Mike and the Monsters, Johnny Rabb’s Big Band, and the Tichy Boys. That’s quite a lineup. What can a concert goer expect when they get there? JM: Well, it is the twenty-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. It’s […]

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