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Photography By: Tim Reidy

Featuring the Fleshtones and the Plimsouls. Photos by Timothy Reidy.    

RRX: Hi Sarah – we’ve been friends from way back, and I’m excited to be partnering with you on the benefit coming up at The Hangar in Troy, NY on Wednesday, August 31st! It looks like an amazing line-up, including Lizzie and The Makers w/s/g Reeves Gabrels, Raisinhead and Curious Comet. Tell us about what people […]

Alas — sweet, sweet summertime has finally arrived in full force. Our beloved farmer’s market is back on the blocks, the days are warm, bright and long, the grass is lush and the trees are full, the flowers have bloomed and the birds are singing and all is right and merry and beautiful. Well, almost.  […]

It is safe to say, 20 years ago, not many would even dream the vinyl format could be profitable again but there it is. The plastic waffle is outselling compact discs by leaps and bounds. A billion- dollar industry? That’s the word now. The problem is the demand is growing faster than the ability to […]

Art Bernstein has been playing, recording, teaching and writing about drumming for over 30 years. As a contributing writer to “Drumhead Magazine”, a teacher with The Empire State Youth Orchestra, and performer on over 40 albums, Art is a master at his craft, whose teachings, publications and performances have undoubtedly enriched the lives of so […]

Many were worried about the weather, which was understandable because we had record setting high temperatures and then a thunder storm. This did not keep people from attending Music Haven in Schenectady for this much anticipated show! Prior to the event social media was blowing up with the question, is it cancelled? Music Haven’s response […]

Every one of you has had to do something at least once that we never thought about doing before, or were happy to do it when we knew we would have no choice, and not doing it could hurt us in the long run. Have you ever, for example, stayed at a crap job because […]

If you missed the Goddamn Gallows show at Empire Underground Wednesday night then you really missed out. This was one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time and I go to a lot of shows. Although I’m terrible with acronyms and I have no idea what NPK stands for, Madeline Erika Alexa […]

August  2022  Welcome to the Monthly Astrology Feature. I’m Conscious Medium Brandon Russ and I combine all the tools of the trade for your journey.  Connect with me at http:linktr.ee/brandonruss for events, classes and private readings.  The good news is, we’ve got warm weather and the stars on our side this month. Full moon in Aquarius […]

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