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They say hard work pays off. They also say say you have to believe in what you’re doing if you want to be successful in an original rock n roll band. Success on your own terms is the key to having fun in a band and knowing what you are capable of. The Playin’ With […]

Community, opportunity, and the chance to hear the next big thing before it breaks… open mics are often the first stop for musicians needing a place to get their sea legs. Learning how to feel comfortable with your stage presence and interact with an audience is one reason why open mics are beneficial to musicians […]

Blues is unique in that it is a style of music brought about through a need to release the pain of the world; to stand up to it, and to quote poet Dylan Thomas, “rage against the dying of the light.” Like a folk medicine, it has spread, with subtle changes in each town and […]

I love a sound that just opens the throttle. I want music that makes me want to speed, or at least justify the speeding that I may do unawares. Good, strong rhythm, melodies that can nudge a Ouija board, that kind of thing. MÖRDWÖLF is like that. Don’t let the umlauts (the two dots) fool […]

Photo By: Robert Cooper Jr. There are over 170,000 words in the English language. And the human mouth can make close to 800 distinct sounds. It’s nothing that we think about, but as an instrument, the mouth is more versatile than just about any other. And in the world of music, it is hip hop […]

Interview: Gary Weinlein (Jim Morrison) By: Rob Smittix If there were ever two simultaneous nights to be in the Spindle City December 8th and 9th are those dates. Classic Rock Productions presents December 8th: “Jim Morrison Absolutely Live” with special guest Grace Slick and Mick Jagger, and December 9th: “Groovin’ Classic Rock Hall of Fame […]

Music and songs are more than sounds and words. There are the artists and the personalities behind the creations. One that particularly blew my mind was Jim Morrison of The Doors. In high school I really started getting into music and buying many albums. I bought the Doors eponymous classic first album in 1979. When […]

Naughter’s on 5th Ave. in Troy bills itself as a “neighborhood diner” and that’s what it is – kind of.  Sure, they have some of the basics – eggs, home fries, and toast; hotcakes, a cheeseburger, a tuna melt – you would expect to see at any diner, but there is something else going on […]

Photo Credit: Daymon Gardner (Phone Rings) AD: Hey is this Rob? RRX: It is. AD: It’s Ani calling. RRX: I recognize your voice, how are you? AD: I’m good. RRX: I really appreciate you taking the time to talk with me. I’m excited about talking to you. AD: Aw shucks. You’re in Troy? RRX: Currently, […]

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