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Food is beyond fuel. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t need eighty percent of what’s in our supermarkets. It is our comfort, our passion, and our obsession, for good or bad. And the people who provide us this food, should we not simply cook at home, are largely unseen and unsung. Ric Orlando is a chef […]

The first thing you learn about publishing is: 12 point, Times New Roman, double-spaced. Second thing you learn is that no one wants your memoir, unless you’re famous. But if you’re famous? If you managed to reshape the landscape of American culture from stages and studios, then you’ll find you have three pounds of gold […]

RRX: One of the early bands you were a part of when you first arrived in the Capital  Region was called “Noonward Race,” inspired by a song of the same name by  Mahavishnu Orchestra. We were fortunate to have drummer Billy Cobham in a previous issue. What’s so inspiring about that band, in your opinion?  […]

If you’re looking for a great read about the music business from the stand-point of a young band just trying to earn their stripes then Matthew Ryan Lowery’s newest book “Trouble Bored” is for you. It also will make a great gift for the music lover in your circle.  RRX: When I received the package […]

If I’m not mistaken and I (Rob Smittix) rarely am (just don’t ask my wife), The Bogmen haven’t released new music in over a decade. Well I’ve been a big fan since the late 90’s and it was with great surprise to see the release of new music and a new music video! Purchase this […]

As I write this, it’s hitting September, the month where we celebrate the 55th year of Jim Barrett being on the radio.  And not just because of that long of a career, but that his talents have been heard on various radio stations in the Capital Region over the decades. As I mentioned couple of […]

It’s been 40 Years since ABBA has released any new music. Who would’ve known? The release of the next album will be in November 5th, 2021 and followed by a digital concert series in London. A statement from the band states “We simply call it “Voyage” and we’re truly sailing in uncharted waters. With the […]

Simon Lees is a Swiss Army Knife musician.  He sings like an angel, plays guitar like a demon, pens lyrics like Byron.  He loves to teach guitar, and to ride his bicycle all over the West Midlands.  And in his spare time, he holds bible meetings and leads the Wolverhampton choir.  His “pyjamas” have a […]

It was the winter of 1989.  Poison and tesla were in town and I also heard they were staying close to me. As a fan of all genres of music I decided to head out to try and meet the bands as I did many many times before.  I got to the hotel and almost […]

Back to school time, and class is on! Featuring Television’s Richard Lloyd, Chef Ric Orlando, podcaster Jimmy Aquino, publisher Johnny Temple, actress Justyna Kostek, author Matt Lowery, guitarist Simon Lees, and more!   Xperience September 2021 Issue – Digital Edition                  

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