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There’s a magic in music, a mysticism, only less in the way of sorcery, and more in the way that a bonfire is mystical. But at its heart, music is a communication. Whether it’s a call to your mind with moving, or novel chord progressions, or the simple backgrounds overlayed by a smooth voice telling […]

During the pandemic, we were all stuck at home with limited entertainment.  Adults and older generations clung to streaming movies and television.  However, the term streaming is more than movies and shows – it merely means broadcasting live to an audience. So, while you were watching Netflix and Hulu, the younger generations were joining online […]

We don’t cover sports. This is not a declarative statement. We should cover sports in some way, maybe not the box scores, but sports and art are interlinked, and you can’t really say ‘culture’ without a nod to some healthy competition. So, we have to recognizes sports as the product of kinematic art that it […]

So you’re at the show. She’s on stage singing her head-off, and the band backing her is liquid fire, as is the drink you just ordered from the bar during the summer festival the city puts on, why the girl singing her head off is onstage in the first place, a delicious little interplay between […]

Music fans mark your calendars. On January 28th, 29th and 30th at Empire Underground at 93 North Pearl Street in Albany an event is being held called Hooligan Holiday. Over the course of the weekend, you will have the opportunity to see Murphy’s Law, Mad Ball, Sheer Terror, Power House, Murder’s Row, The Take and […]

RRX: How are you doing? TG: I’m good. RRX: My bass player moved to Montana and he was flying back in for a show we were going to and unfortunately due to COVID the show was cancelled. So, because of that we haven’t played since December of 2019.  TG: Unfortunately, the whole COVID thing did […]

New year, new you… maybe. But there’s definitely a new edition of Xperience Monthly to kick off the new year. With performer Tim Gant, drummer/songwriter Steve Candlen, Designer Corey Aldrich and so much more! Xperience January 2022 – Digital Edition

It has been a while since we spoke with Johnny Clifford, today, we change that.  We catch up and speak to Johnny about some exciting news about his well-known Tom Petty Tribute, The BrokenHearted-Tom Petty Tribute. Read on to find out what he is up to. RRX: When we last spoke, we learned a bit […]

“Wow, Chevy Chase and his daughter Emily shared my photos!! I was happy to hear he liked them, but this is over the top!!” -Ed Conway  

Fans were treated to a great night of rock n roll at Columbkill Pub Saturday night, Brother T, X- Bred, Blackcat Elliot , the Erotics and the Va Va Voodoos played for hours to their fans, it was a Festive Nightmare Before X- Mas party with me, Peggy of Troy, aka the Tranny Claus! Special […]

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